Jason Blumer


Jason loves to dream and play with matches. He wears flip flops, jeans and says “dude” a lot. Jason loves new game-changing technology and plays rock and roll too loud. He brings clarity to creative people, and loves Jesus a lot.

Duties: Business Coaching and Counseling, Process design, Innovation, Creative Strategy Creation, Change Agent, Leads the firm and supports the team.

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Jason has been coaching creative individuals since 2008 and seeking to help them chart their future more clearly. People have quit jobs, created companies, hired people, fired people, fought fear and made a lot more money under his coaching counsel. Jason has had his own coach since 2005, which has changed his life and the trajectory of his firm’s growth forever. Jason follows a particular study of coaching called Neuroleadership. Neuroleadership is the scientific study of the brain, and how this relates to the fields of leadership development, management training, change management, consulting, and coaching. Jason is a member of the NeuroLeadership Institute: http://www.neuroleadership.org

NeuroLeadership Institute