Who is your Guru?

Posted by JasonBlumeron Oct 5, 2017 in

Tony Robbins has a documentary called "I'm not your guru." I guess that begs the question - do people think he is their guru? Oh yeah. And the documentary proves it from start to finish. He is a guru.

Who are you following? Who are you looking to to help you run your business or give you the final word on how to take the next step? Gurus don't have the answer. There are principles to live by, but entrepreneurship requires a lot of strategy and creativity. A guru cannot speak to each and every moment you encounter in business. Entrepreneurship is a creative process that requires trying new things that may or may not work. That also means you aren't 'doing it wrong' (which is what I hear a lot of business owners say). You aren't doing business wrong; you are only trying the next thing. Trying the next thing is a required part of running your business.

Running a business requires you to do the work of experimentation and creativity. A management book or a guru can help, but they don't have the answer. Learn from others, but be careful of gurus that tell you how to run your business. 

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