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Posted by JasonBlumeron May 8, 2017 in

We support the tax, accounting, and business growth endeavors of creative agencies all over the US. Some leads want us to be tax experts only, while some clients are confused as to why we offer business coaching to help agencies grow. We have intentionally crafted our business model and built a team that allows us to manage all of the strategic business needs of the creative agencies we serve. In essence, we have become experts at what an agency needs to operate, stay compliant, grow, and monitor/analyze how they are doing during the process of growth. We are the full package!

Our value is in knowing how all of these strategic business building blocks fit together. Here are questions we know the answers to:

- How do complicated tax elections affect the personal taxes of the owner(s)?

- How can we use new technology platforms to turn the financial process of an agency to a paperless one so the owner can step away from the details?

- How can agency owners rethink their business structure in order to leverage the profitability of a team more efficiently?

- How is your agency performing financially compared to common agency metrics?

- How can you create a solid partnership that allows you to grow to that next level?

- How does the flow of accounting information through your agency help you make decisions about the future?

- How should payroll be structured if you operate in multiple states?

Being the "full package" does not mean we are generalists. I'm not saying we are everything with no focus. I'm saying we are good at putting all of the strategic business pieces together to help you run a smarter business. We are not best for agencies that need us to fix something from their past or to do a project related to a one-off complicated tax issue. We operate within the context of a relationship with our clients, and we want to help grow creative business owners into mature business owners.

A 'relationship' with our firm usually looks like a 12 month contract where our prices are spread over the price of the contract and drafted monthly. To enter into this agreement means you want what we want - a relationship. When a client wants what we are selling, we can serve well and achieve our purpose to create more mature creative agency owners.

How can we help you and your agency?

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