The Strategy of Software Choices and Migration

Posted by JasonBlumeron Jan 31, 2018 in

We help our clients make software choices. We are a virtual firm, so all software is browser-based, with the preference of integration between the accounting product, the payroll product, the bill payment product, and some type of digital paper capture product. We’ll often help clients make initial software choices, but our firm can also consult with our clients on migrating from one product to another.

Accounting, payroll, workflow, bill pay, and digital paper capture software choices are our wheelhouse. Here are the key considerations creative agencies need to consider when making software choices:

  1. What is the result? You need a consultant that knows what the products will do, and the results of using and integrating these product together.
  2. How will your team have to adapt to these new software choices? You need to know how these products will ultimately disrupt your team, and their workflow.
  3. How will the client be asked to adapt to your new software choices? You need to know if clients are going to see different invoices, different screens, new screens, or if screens will vanish from the client’s view. This can be fearful for a client, so the effect on the client needs to be considered.

We’ve seen agencies begin the journey of researching software without our counsel or advice, only to come to questions they don’t know the answers to:

  • Does this software integrate with your accounting system? Should it?
  • Should you begin drafting your fees from your clients now? Why or why not?
  • What does the team think about the interface of the software? Is it easier or harder to use than the old software?
  • Should you just stay on the software you are on now, and avoid the disruption at this time in your growth? Is now the right time to make this change?
  • Does this software make it easier to follow your internal processes? Do you need to create new processes now to adapt to the new software?

Don’t make software choices in a vacuum. Agencies can make choices about the software they use for their creative service delivery, but choices around their financial platforms, and how things move through these systems, needs to be done in collaboration with a firm versed in the results of these choices. It’s an investment that can save you tons of headaches later on, can correct wrong assumptions, and help you get the most efficient use out of your new software choices.

We help agencies choose or migrate to the financial platforms that are right for them. If you need help making software choices for your agency, feel free to email us at so we can guide you through the process.

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