The Role of Your Tools

Posted by JasonBlumeron Aug 3, 2017 in

When I say 'tools' I'm mostly talking about the plethora of technology apps necessary to run your company. The larger your company gets, and the larger your team grows, the more technology you are going to need. But a tool is just a tool. The tool doesn't necessarily do anything special. A hammer is only as good as the experience of the carpenter using it.

Keep this in mind when you are investing in tools to help you sell better, draft money better, or keep track of your work. The tools are only as good as the company implementing those tools. Each tool comes with a certain level of strategy as to how to use it and the required team training to make everyone an experienced carpenter.

Tools are just assistants to make your work more efficient, ultimately creating better service for your clients. Keep the role of your tools in perspective so you aren't blinded by their promises. Tools are great! But they will require some of your planning, time, and training to make them work for your company

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