The Rhythms of Growth

Posted by JasonBlumeron Jan 11, 2018 in

The larger your company gets, the more important the rhythms of growth become. Why? A smaller company run by a founder can generally be run out of the founder’s head. That is, with a spreadsheet or two, they can keep track of a few clients, their needs and how much those clients owe them. But the larger a company grows, the more complex the movements become. There is more of everything. More work, more money, more processes, and more people. Eventually, the founder of that company doesn’t know all that is flowing through their own company, and they have to rely on other people to manage a lot of the movement.

How does the founder keep up with it all? Typically, they start implementing meetings to check in on things, and keep track of all that is moving through the company. And the easiest meeting to set is one that meets on a regular basis - say weekly, or monthly, at the same time. And that’s where the rhythms enter into the growth of the company. Managing the rhythms becomes the key to managing the growth.

Rhythms to your company’s growth begin to create a foundation that you as the owner stand on to keep track of all of the movements in your company. The rhythms (like regular meetings, or behaviors, or activities) become the safety to protect your growth from becoming unwieldy or becoming something you can’t handle on your own. If you don’t eventually implement rhythms, then the company can begin to control you. And that feels awful. It can swallow you up because you can’t seem to get your arms around the growth. But if you implement some rhythms that allow you to check in on things at the same time (say, each week) then you begin to know more, and can respond to more issues, and can control the growth in a healthy way.

If you need help implementing the right rhythms in your company, feel free to email us at so we can help you lay these foundations in a healthy way. 

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