The Future Value of Building Processes

Posted by JasonBlumeron Jul 27, 2017 in

We read books about processes and how awesome they are. But sitting down to create them, roll them out, and teach them to a team is a lot of work. My partner and I are committing to this right now. Doing all of this work takes everyone away from their real work.

Maybe building and implementing processes IS the real work? I believe it is.

It's a good reminder that there is mostly future value in building company processes. The payoff in building processes always comes later. Never at the time of implementation. So building processes is a current temporary commitment for a future value. And we can say from experience that the future value is mind blowing.

This means that if you say 'no' to building processes in the 'now' you are agreeing to say 'no' to the future value of those processes down the road. You can't reap without sowing. The reaping is a beautiful thing if you can only commit to the sowing.

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