The Dangers of Safety

Posted by JasonBlumeron Aug 19, 2014 in

I'm not saying safety by itself is bad, just that there are simply dangers to consider. Safety can become dangerous to growth in any business, and you have to check when you are giving into fear, which typically leads you to become overly safe. Here are 3 areas where a lot of business owners are overly safe:

1. Clients - Business owners will seemingly do anything to avoid pruning clients from their client list. It is safe to keep old clients, even if legacy clients have demonstrated that they are an anchor holding you back in the past. Pruning clients is often a necessary part of growth, but the overly safe will not do it.

2. Services - A multitude of services is also a move done out of being safe. The more you offer, the more opportunities for revenue, right? In fact, a long list of offered services makes it hard for the right client to choose your expertise since you look just like everyone else. The wise business owner will fight fear, and seek to sacrifice their long list of services. Overcoming safety in this area means you get to be called an expert.

3. Team - This is perhaps the hardest area to sacrifice, and the one where being overly safe hurts a business the most. The team is the face of your company as they are the ones executing the strategies for your clients. I've seen companies complain about an employee, but hold on to them for 20 years. That is the ultimate delusion in safety. Don't believe the lie that there are no good employees. They do exist, and the business owner fighting fear will find the greatest team and become the greatest company because of it.

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