Structure Brings Freedom When Scaling

Posted by JasonBlumeron Feb 7, 2017 in

One thing I enjoy about being an entrepreneur is the freedom to work when and how I want. I really enjoy the days when I have a lot of choice to spend time on things I think are important. But I've learned over the past 2 years that this freedom can become a curse as your work increases, you start doing more complicated work, or you need to begin focusing on high level strategy (instead of details).

So, freedom in how you work may be okay when you are small or while you are building a lifestyle firm, but it really becomes a hindrance as you begin to scale an organization. Scaling means you have more responsibilities, you are forced to delegate, and you probably have more team responsibilities (since scaling a company often involves team building). If you stay loose and continue to embrace your freedom, it may become the very thing that holds you back. And it's a surprise to an entrepreneur when they realize this fact (it was to me)!

I've learned that different organization sizes require different amounts of structure. The larger an organization becomes, the more structure it needs to hold it up. Why? Because the owners are not holding up the brand, the delivery of service, and the flow of work anymore. They can't personally do that anymore since there is more of everything. The size of the company becomes so large that the same owners can't push everything through it. If you are running into the problem of losing things or not being able to handle the scaling of your organization, it may be that you haven't implemented the right amount of structure into your company to prop it up. As your organization grows, processes and structure will begin to do the work that the owners were doing before. This problem compounds the faster the company scales, so if your organization grows fast, then the addition of structure must also pick up. Entrepreneurs who fail to add the right amount of structure to their organizations in a timely fashion can easily become overwhelmed, begin losing things, or begin providing poor service to their customers.

If the mix of scaling and structure is right, then the entrepreneur will begin to experience a different kind of freedom. There may still be times when there is the choice to do what you want with your time, but there's even more to be gained. The biggest joy comes in knowing that everything is being done well, clients are being served well, and the future strategy and plans of the company are being effectively mapped out into the future. Owners can put an end to the overwhelming feeling that comes with a growing company... if they add the right amount of structure.

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