Staying in the Safety Circle

Posted by JasonBlumeron Apr 4, 2017 in

We told our kids when they were young to stay in the safety circle. There was an imaginary circle around my wife and I and our home. If our little children would stay close, within the reach of the safety circle, then we had the ability and power to protect them.

Your company is a safety circle, too, and it is meant to protect your clients and your team. If everyone can stay in the safety circle within reach of the leadership, then everything will be fine. Everyone will stay protected. And when we are protected, we can stay healthy and grow!

But sometimes people venture outside of the safety circle. When this happens, it's hard to tell what the result will be. That's no man's land! Clients can get hurt, service models can be broken, and team members can become confused. As the leaders of our businesses, it's imperative that we tell our team and clients to stay inside of the safety circle. We can't confuse people about how important this is. We have to make it clear. The lines of the safety circle must be drawn, and we must tell people to stay inside. We need the Purpose, Core Values, and Processes that define our safety circles. Of course, we all serve adults. So if grown people want to venture outside of the safety circle, there's just no telling what can happen.

How do people venture outside of the protective arms of your company? When they tell you what to do. If your clients and team are dictating your path forward (purposely or not), then they are outside of the safety circle. It's time to ask them to come back into the safety circle by following the safe processes you've setup to serve them. You know what's best, not them. And people can tell you what to do in many different ways. They can disagree and fail to adopt your core values; they can continue to push you on what they think is best; or they can even threaten you that if you don't do it their way, they'll walk away.

Inside the safety circle are endless opportunities of growth! Don't willingly be a party to your team or your client's downfall by allowing them to operate independently of your loving company!

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