Sowing and Reaping

Posted by JasonBlumeron May 2, 2017 in

Business building can be confusing. You will enter seasons of prosperity and possibly seasons of decline. It's hard to know what to do when these seasons show up. In some seasons you may overspend, while in other seasons you may deal with the fear of making payroll each month.

The concept of sowing and reaping is an important principle to help you understand what you are experiencing. Sowing and reaping happens in all of life; growing your business is no exception. Here are some sowing and reaping principles that may help you deal with the ups and downs of building your business:

-You don't reap in the season you sow - consistent marketing, solid accounting principles, and new hiring processes are all concepts you will see benefits from months, or years, later. Build now, but be patient to reap the rewards in a later period. So, if you need clients now, marketing will not be your fix. Marketing will bring the right clients later.

-It takes time - there is a principle made up of things, processes, and people maturing. These things simply take time. We start as babies, then we grow into adults. It just takes time, so patience is a factor to consider in your sowing and reaping.

-Be careful how you sow - you can't just throw out any seeds and expect to have beautiful flowers. You must be intentional in how you sow. You must know why, how, and for what purpose you are sowing before you sow. Be careful, because if you sow a chaotic team culture, you will reap confused team members and poor client service.

-You have to weed the garden - building businesses is like wrangling chaos into order. Just know that humans and processes tend to veer off course unless constantly monitored. You have to weed out bad assumptions, broken processes, and wrong clients if you want to reap an ordered beautiful garden that feeds your family.

-You have to feed the garden - we know from elementary school that seeds need water, sun, and soil to grow. So you must be careful to provide the context and 'food' that your business needs to flourish. Your business will grow if you feed it, but it will decline if you ignore it.

These are basic concepts of sowing and reaping, and I bet you can think of more. I believe that planning and strategy are keys to notice how you are sowing and predict the reaping you are expecting. Setting aside regular times for planning and looking ahead in your business help you to remain aware of the concepts of sowing and reaping. The smarter you sow, the more rewarding the reaping.

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