Small Things Are Scary Under a Microscope

Posted by JasonBlumeron Aug 10, 2017 in

Do you remember in science class when you looked at things under a microscope? Those things looked weird and much larger than life.

Issues and problems can seem like that in the world of running a business. You can bump into an issue and it seems that it is incredibly big. When you are hyper focused on these issues or problems in the context of the details, then you are looking at your issue under a microscope. And it looms large.

But stepping back to look at a larger picture, a long-term strategy, or a well crafted plan for you business can bring these issues into perspective. Stepping away from the intense details that created the issue or problem can take away the fear of the situation. Maybe that problem was really a necessary step in the longer term strategy? It often is.

At times we have to step away from the microscope. But we have to step up to a longer term plan for your business or you won't be able to fight the fear of the microscope. Do you have a longer term plan in place for your business that can help you fight the fear of the details?

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