Playing Chess [in Business]

Posted by JasonBlumeron Mar 7, 2017 in

Playing chess is all about the strategy and planning of your moves. Planning your next move at the right time while you also consider your opponent's moves, are what allow you to win. It's a thinking game!

And so is business. Business is a chess game. It's all about making the right moves that others are not willing to make. How do you define the right moves? Making the right moves means taking significant risks to move you forward without being so risky that you hurt your business in the process. Here are 3 ways to play chess better:

  1. Be confident! Analyze your moves all you want, but when you are ready to make the move, go in strong! You may take your time deciding what to do, but once the decision is made, be bold. You could even trick yourself that you don't know what you are doing if you doubt long enough.
  2. Don't give up control. Be in full control of your moves. As you make moves, it's easy to give away the control you have in why and how you are making your moves. How do you give up control? You give up control typically by telling your opponent what you are about to do. Ask them "what do you think?" first before you tell them what you think.
  3. You need more pieces. Many businesses don't realize that they are playing the game of business without enough pieces. The reason strategies aren't working is because you don't have enough pieces to move around. You may need more team members, more pricing options, more clients, more software, more cash, etc. to be able to play chess well.

Developing strategies for your next move takes time. The businesses that are winning are the businesses that are taking the time to slow down, plan the next move, and walk forward in confidence!

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