Planning Helps Me Write

Posted by JasonBlumeron Jun 8, 2017 in

I write a good bit of content. There is a lot I've learned in leading and growing businesses, and I like to share it with anyone who will read it. Most of the content I write here is short and digestible. That is both for me (so I can produce more content) and for you (so you can consume it quickly). It's a win-win.

Writing posts used to be something I just 'fit in' to my schedule. But if you are busy running a business (or doing anything in life), important things don't just 'fit in' to your schedule. You have to plan for things to fit into your schedule. Now, I block off my calendar and it says 'Write Blog Post.' You'll see that block appear on my calendar 4 to 5 times per month. I had to plan for the time to write, or it would never happen. One of the hardest things about that block on my calendar is knowing what to write about. So, it makes sense that 'knowing what to write about' could involve some planning too.

I've just learned an additional form of planning - if I spend a few minutes (about 5 to 10 minutes) brainstorming things I've been reading, listening to, or learning, then writing the blog posts is even faster. And for some longer form content I write, planning a quick outline with 4 to 5 bullet points on my white board really helps me blow through the content with a pre-ordered brain. Now, not only will I have calendar blocks for writing, but I'll spend some time before writing to plan what I'm going to write.

If you're like me, and you struggle to plan well, you may think the things I've thought before - "if I don't have time to write blog posts, I sure don't have time to plan what I'm going to write when I write blog posts." It's a reasonable thought. But the flip side is also true - you may not ever write at all if you fail to plan to write.

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