Making Decisions Around Health

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As I consider the foundational components or requirements to scale a service-based company, one thing I would list is ‘Owner/Partner Health Activities.’ The more my partner and I grow our firm, the more important this becomes. I’m not only talking about working out at the gym, though physical health is a component. There is more to health than the physical aspect. Most Google searches for components of health reveal 6 main health components:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual/Mental

It truly is difficult to maintain all of these as you grow a business, but it’s important to keep these in balance when you can. As in any growth-related goals, I think a healthy way to seek balance is to pick the top 1 or 2 health components that you are currently struggling with. Then seek some balance in those areas from people you trust, or even a business or life coach where you’ll feel free to expose your struggles in a private, safe setting. Another trusted individual can help you seek balance in ways you may not be able to see on your own.

Once you know the top 1 or 2 areas where your health is out of balance, you can ask yourself these questions about that area of health:

  • If I’m honest, what 1 key issue is causing an imbalance in this area of my health (just pick 1 area of concern)?
  • Is this issue a systemic issue that will last long-term, or is it a short-term issue that is likely to go away on its own?
  • Is this issue being caused by my own behavior, is it fully being controlled by other factors in my life (environmental, situations, people, etc.), or is it a mixture of both?
  • If I could choose freely, what could I do to remove/restabilize this 1 issue in my life to bring this area of health into a healthier balance?
  • If I don’t have control over this particular issue/situation of my health, what health tools (within the 6 areas of health above) can I lean on to accept the way things are/will always be?

These questions can begin to help you sort through the imbalance, and seek to bring some health back into your life. Making decisions around health is a lifelong pursuit, so try not to beat yourself up because you struggle. We all struggle with balancing the above 6 components of health. The goal is to recognize the struggle, and begin making better choices when we can.

Struggling with making decision around health in your business? We can help with that by asking you hard, confidential questions in our coaching. Reach out to us at to see if we are what you need to begin making better choices around health.

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