Eggs on Toast, Every Morning

Posted by JasonBlumeron Jun 29, 2017 in

Almost every morning, my breakfast is one egg on a piece of toast with cheese and mayonnaise. Here it is:

It takes about 5 minutes to make each morning. Making the same breakfast every morning is one way I take thinking out of my day.

I need to think a lot during each day. The knowledge we create in our firm, and my thoughts, are often the things we sell. So I need to save a lot of my brain power for the right thinking. But there is a type of thinking I do not need to do each day - making breakfast. I use a toaster and the microwave to make it quickly while I read or do my morning devotions.

Being a virtual firm also means I don't have to worry with the types of clothes I wear each day. Nothing fancy - shorts and a tshirt most days. This is just another way I don't have to use my brain for things that won't produce value for others.

Are there mundane things you are thinking about each day that you could offload to a routine or process?

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