Does Leading a Business Feel Natural?

Posted by JasonBlumeron May 30, 2017 in

If you are leading a business with a team, then you are a leader. You are a leader of people. And just like many things in business, you may not feel fully equipped to lead a team the right way. It may feel awkward or weird at times for you to do the things you need to do to lead a team (like have hard conversations, or praising a team member for doing great things).

But don't let that dissuade you from doing the things necessary to take care of your team. Leadership may not always (and doesn't have to) feel natural to do it well. In fact, many things on a leader's plate may not feel natural. That doesn't mean they are wrong, or that you are even doing them wrong. It just means you are being stretched in ways that will ultimately improve you as a leader and enhance your skills.

My partner and I have been reading through a book called How to Be a Great Boss, and it is a great guide to leading teams. Even if you feel unnatural in your leadership shoes, this book provides some very practical checklists, tools, and exercises to help you lead teams better. Don't be thrown off that you don't feel like a natural born leader. This book makes a point that you can acquire the skills necessary to lead teams well. That's good news for those who feel unnatural in their work as leaders!

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