Building Depth on Your Team

Posted by JasonBlumeron Jul 6, 2017 in

We've added a few new team members to our firm this year. It's an investment we are making this year to build a strong foundation to grow on in the future. We've noted that a company with fewer people doing fewer jobs can actually be risky. It feels shallow. It can be risky because a lot of the operational work falls on the shoulders of the owners. So when you lose a big client, or a process doesn't work out the way it was supposed to, then the owner has to step in and feel the full burden of correcting those immediate situations. When owners are forced to address immediate problems, they typically stop doing the important work of building the company (like selling, writing, marketing, speaking, etc.). Growth can stop in these situations.

We've specifically added team members that bring 'depth' to our team. That means they are technically strong and can do multiple types of jobs. Investing in a team to bring depth means you are hiring people that can begin to do their work even better than the owners can. As the team becomes stronger, and can perform more varied complicated work, the risk to the firm when hitting problems becomes lessened. Risk is dissipated in a company that has the depth of a strong varied team.

With a new depth to a team, the owners can begin to act differently. Owners can trust more or even allow the team to create and/or improve processes on their own. Building depth to a team essentially changes the behavior of the owners. And that's when magic can happen in company growth! When the owners are in a place where they are doing their most valuable work (that no one else can do) to grow the company, then great things can happen.

Do you feel the shallowness of your team? What risks are you carrying unknowingly by failing to invest in the depth of more technical, varied team members?

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