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The Team

The Team

(l to r)  Lisa Hope, Jennifer Blumer, Stephanie Kuchle, Jason Blumer, Alex Forrest, Julie Shipp, Cody Carter




Jason Blumer, CPA.CITP

Chief Innovation Officer

Loves to dream and playing with matches. Wears flip flops, jeans and says “dude” a lot. Loves new game-changing technology and plays rock and roll too loud. Brings clarity to creative people. Loves Jesus a lot.

Duties: Business Coaching and Counseling, Process design, Innovation, Creative Strategy Creation, Change Agent, Leads the firm and supports the team.

You can email Jason to gain clarity in your financial life.

jennifer blumer

Jennifer Blumer

Director of Operations

Jennifer’s biggest role is keeping Jason in check. She keeps a watchful eye over the big picture and takes care of the team. She is a college football fan, especially the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Duties: Produces the monthly podcast, plans the yearly team retreat and assists in coaching and transformation retreats, and generally runs the back end of the firm.

You can email Jennifer about scheduling time with Jason, or any firm operations.

stephanie kuchle

Stephanie Kuchle, CPA

Customer Ally

A transplanted yankee.  Makes chocolate chip cookies that are hard to refuse!

Duties: Supports the Blumer Customer Allies; Coordinates setup of accounting software; Assists with integrating various online products, accounting and tax processees; Tackles special projects with a vengeance.

You can email Stephanie with any software questions, questions about your monthly services with Blumer CPAs and how things work at Blumer CPAs.

 Alex Forrest

Alex Forrest

Business Developer

A laid back guy who loves to write and communicate and to think outside the box. Helped run the family insurance agency for several years, and remains involved today. Dad to three young kids, a human jungle gym, peewee soccer coach, and cooks a mean quesadilla.

Duties: Business development and front-end client management, brand management, writing and blogging, helping you figure out if our firm is a good fit for you.

You can email Alex to get an intro to the wild and wooly world of Blumer CPAs, to learn more about our firm, to start a conversation about whether we belong together.


Cody Carter, CPA

Customer Ally

Technology connoisseur who’s always looking for the next great app, blog, camera, phone…you get the idea. Loves being outdoors, hiking, biking, or playing with his three (yes three) dogs. Hockey aficionado. Husband of an even bigger nerd.

Duties: Takes care of our customers needs, bookkeeping, tax preparation, online software support and answering every question that comes his way.

You can email Cody about anything! As your customer ally Cody is your point of contact for every single question you have and will meet your needs as quickly and effectively as possible.


Lisa Hope

Payroll Customer Ally

Makes sure our customers get paid on time.  Trains them on our online payroll portals, and makes sure the customer’s payroll is in line with our tax planning.  She does payroll, payroll filings, and payroll tax payments.  Loves her iPhone and makes some mean guacamole.

Duties: All payroll processing for customers, managing payroll tax notices and multi-state registration within all states.

You can email Lisa about any payroll withholding, employee/employer issues, payroll tax and/or payroll tax notices.  Also about any multi-state payroll issues and training on our online payroll systems.

Julie Shipp 

Julie Shipp

Firm Administrator

Is passionate about defeating wasted time by improving processes (ever read Cheaper by the Dozen?), taking dominion over reconciliations, and helping others.  Her favorite shirt reads “Mrs. Bon Jovi”.

Duties: Manages the internal pricing for customers, efiling of tax returns, help with your portal, and other general administrative concerns.

You can email Julie if you have any questions about invoices or payments from the freakin’ firm, administrative functions of the firm or the general work and processes of the firm.