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Grow Up

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This is about people running businesses and making assumptions, like: 1. I get to do whatever I want when I run my own business, 2. All of the money I make is my money, 3. I’m the best person to decide what to do next, or 4. I own the business, and it is here […]

Published on 11 Apr 2014

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Your Community is the Value Too

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Duolingo is reinventing how to learn a new language. Their initial handful of languages wasn’t enough for their community, as they kept receiving requests for the company to offer new languages (even Klingon). What did they do? They turned to their community. As people would request that they add new languages, they would also add, […]

Published on 08 Apr 2014

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Can I Afford This?

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“Can I afford this?” is the wrong question. This question leads to another question, “what will this do for me?” The first question is about cost, the second question is about value. Two totally different things. It might be true that you can afford something that will be of no value to you. Many¬†Friday¬†paychecks are […]

Published on 04 Apr 2014

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What to Do if you Get an IRS Tax Notice

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Step 1. Don’t freak out. Step 2. Watch this video!  

Published on 10 Oct 2013

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When To Price a Customer

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  Most CPA firms still bill by the hour. They are hired by a client, then do the work, and often surprise the client with a bill several days later.   In our firm, you will know your price before we do work for you. As a new customer, you will be given options and […]

Published on 10 Sep 2013

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Is Insurance Tax Deductible In Your Business?

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Do you have a question you want answered in a video? Ask us and we’ll try to get you an answer!

Published on 28 Aug 2013

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